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Snug Grab Fit

Prevents Numbness



Unique Design

Our Goal

To create a lightweight, snug fit, non-slip, fashionable sports strap to meet active person’s needs

How is SnugGrab born?

SnugGrab was born because we wanted to deliver constant, targeted pressure without restricting your movements.


Its unique material, shape, and targeted functionality set it apart from other products!

When we work out, especially for a long time, many of us experience muscle fatigue or pain. We often look for relief with straps or braces and struggle to keep them in place during exercise, which reduces their effectiveness. Prolonged use of these straps can cause numbness in the area of use. Typically used materials also absorb sweat causing foul odor and repeated washes. They also tend to be bulky and lack color options to match your individual style. The SnugGrab changes all of that.

Advanced Technology on Your Arm

Lets Your Veins & Lymph Breathe

What is SnugGrab™?

It is based on your needs ...

What are active people dissatisfied when it comes to support straps?

Based on a survey and interview of 50 individuals with more than three years of experience with sports and support straps, we discovered that fit, placement, and design were key needs that weren’t being met.

Thanks to its unique design, the strap stays in place and stabilizes the tendon, which provides constant support. The secure strap is also comfortable, lightweight, and made of a hygienic material that makes it easy to be active and pursue your daily life without stress. Trendy and stylish, the strap comes in five colors for you to choose from.

Unique Design

Prevents Numbness


Snug Fit



It is a fusion of innovation from the material to the shape

We created this trendy support strap not only to support your daily activities, but to also be a fashion item that you can customize to your style in one of five different colors.

It lets you feel stable, constant comfortable pressure without the numbness

The SnugGrab’s innovative design is created by the patented EX-PAD (10-2022-0142294) and a silicon strap. It provides stable, pressure that remains snug and breathable.

The EX-PAD bump technology ensures that pressure is applied to the selected area without cutting off your blood circulation or restricting your movement.

Clinically Proven

“After exercising, there were no changes in the pressure. [The strap] provided constant pressure. The bumps helped to avoid excessive pressure in the veins and lymphs without any discomfort. A patient tester with tennis elbow commented that the product’s constant pressure did have a positive effect* in relieving their discomfort in comparison with other products used previously.”

  • Orthopedic Doctor Lee Kyu Jo
  • Member of Medi Hub Board
  • Graduated from the Department of Medicine at Catholic University
  • Professor at The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital

*Expert Opinion based on the related thesis: A-D, Newly Design Tennis Elbow Orthosis; E, Traditional Counterforce Strap

Safety Tested

5 Pastel Colors

Comes in 3 Sizes

Compare it

SnugGrab Strap
  • Doesn’t constrict blood flow
  • Targets sturdy, 3D pressure points
  • Breathable bumps prevent skin from becoming irritated
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Velcro is strong and secure
Other Products
  • Constricts blood flow
  • Targets soft pressure points
  • Skin irritation caused by absorbed perspiration
  • Bulky
  • Poor velcro quality that loosens with the use

Care Instructions

Easy to Care For
  • Quick wash, odor-free, and sweat resistant
Precautions for Handling
  • Do not over stretch the strap. Severe friction may damage the product, so use with caution. Be careful to avoid fire or high temperature as it can deform the strap.
Precautions for Use
  • This product is not a medical device and cannot be used for therapeutic purposes. If you have a disability or disease in the area of placement, consult a specialist. Remove the strap immediately if a rash or discomfort occurs during use. Do not wear if there is a wound or eczema on the area of placement.


How is its design?
  • Thin, lightweight, and available in 5 trendy colors.
Why it should be breathable?
  • Breathable design to prevent your skin from becoming irritated.
How adjustable is it?
  • Creating the desired level of support through the adjustable velcro straps, comes in 3 different sizes.
How about material quality?
  • Quality materials made from surgical silicon maintain top functioning even when used over and over again.
Are there different straps for the right and left sides?
  • Nope! The SnugGrab can be used on either your right or left side.
Is there a specific way to wear it?
  • Make sure that the logo on the EX-PAD faces upwards. For more detailed instructions, check out our How-Tos section.
How many pieces are in the package?
  • 1 piece.
How do I store it?
  • After use, we recommend that you wash it (as instructed in the How-Tos section) and then store it in a place protected from dust and heat. Be careful to store away from hot places or objects as it can change the SnugGrab’s shape.



Black, White, Aqua, Blossom, Purple

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  1. Albert

    Design allows more pressure to be applied to specific spots.

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  2. Songhwang L

    The product has a pressure point pad, and what I got was a sturdy pad, which is just what I needed

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